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Have You Ever Noticed the Leca Production Line?

Posted by film 
Have You Ever Noticed the Leca Production Line?
August 02, 2014 10:01AM
Lightweight aggregate is using clay or fly ash, biological sludge as main raw material, through high temperature baking, puffing to make light weight ceramsite as a lightweight aggregate, which has low density, high strength, large water absorption, thermal insulation, insulation, fire resistance, anti-knock and other characteristics. Ceramsite according to density , id divided into general density ceramisite, ultralight density ceramsite, special light density ceramsite three categories. It has been widely used, and in the preparation of lightweight aggregate concrete, it can replace ordinary sand and gravel, used as a water filter, absorbent, permeable pavement materials, can also be used for agriculture, nutrient medium of the soilless cultivation in the garden, and the bridge deck, hollow blocks and other building materials.

Ceramsite production machine in China is the industrial rotary kiln. Cylindrical kiln level is about 3 ° inclination placed on the idler pulley. The material, entered from the high end of the kiln , do a rotary motion, the materials from height (kiln inlet) rolled to a lower (kiln head), at the same time in the kiln hood, through high pressure positive blower, pulverized coal (or natural gas, other fuels) is injected into the kiln, and make full combustion to generate the heat, which make the material form physical and chemical changes, resulting in the expansion phenomenon, after cooling become ceramsite.

[url=http://www.fotechina.com/productline/ceramsite_sand_production_line.html]Lightweight expanded clay aggregate production line[/url] or [url=http://www.fotechina.com/productline/ceramsite_sand_production_line.html]lightweight aggregate plant[/url] can be divided into two major categories of non-calcined and calcined process. The calcining type can be divided into two kinds of sintered and burning swelling. The former is mainly fly ash ceramsite. The ceramsite bulk density is too large after burn out. To produce lightweight, ultra-light ceramic, it generally adopts the latter, and its production process generally include: pretreatment of raw materials, ingredients, shape, burn-in, roasting, cooling, screening. In the roasting process, billets are soften under high temperature and has a certain viscosity so that generates flow deformation under external force. At the same time, the generated gases of billets and the formation of a certain internal pressure, make inflation of the softening material with a certain viscosity, and ultimately form the porous structure of ceramsite.

If you have any doubt about the leca production line, welcome to consult Fote Machinery: info@sinoftm.com.

ceramsite production machine: http://www.ftmmachine.com/products/production-lines/68.html

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