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The Attention Matters of Flotation Separation Process

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The flotation separation plant includes three processes: roughing, scavenging and concentrating process. The foam products from seeding area and roughing arear are send to the concentrating area for once or more selection. The selected bubbles are the final concentrated products of flotation process. It is the key points of the whole flotation separation process to handle the middlings of sweeping area and tailings in the concentrating area. How to control the quantity of middlings is the focus of the whole flotation operation.

For the middlings circulation control, the first point is whether the pulp of the whole [url=http://www.ftmmachine.com/products/production-lines/61.html]flotation separation process[/url] go clearly or not, whether the foam tank is too full to run smoothly, whether the foam liquidity is poor; and whether the pulp level in flotation tank is too high; the send point is to judge whether the middlings circulation is affected by the fluctuation factor and process condition changes. The general quantityof middlings return is 40%-80%.


It is necessary to observe the color, thickness and the sound change of foam in the flotation operation, which is also a wat to check and judge whether the ore optionality is good and the technological conditions are controlled in a proper degree.

The observation for foam color in scavenging and concentrating area relies on the judgement of tailings grade and concentrate grade. The the surface metal luster of the bubble in the last row is better to be in light colour, which means the mineral is separating clearly. If the bubble in the corner of flotation tank is with gloss, it means flotation reagents and other technological conditions are adjusted properly, which is good for reducing tailings. It is difficult to judge the concentrate grade from the elutriation methods, therefore, it is better to control the foam layer in the concentrating tank is more than 200-300mm. It is forbidden to the pulp through concentrating work into the concentrate products, which is helpful to get the high grade of concentrate products.

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