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What Has an Influence on Flotation Separation Line?

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The flotation separation line is easy influenced by some factors, such as grinding fineness, pulp density, pulp potential of hydrogen, reagents regime, inflation and agitation, flotation time, water quality and so on. Here Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd will anlyze the last four factors in details:

1. Reagents Regime

The variety and number of adding reagents, place and way of adding reagents are known as reagents regime, also called prescription. It plays an important role for flotation index. It need through the ore optionality test to make sure the variety and number of reagents in flotation separation plant. And in the test process, it also need to correct and improve the number, place and way of adding reagents.

2. Inflation and agitation

Inflation is to send a certain number of aire into the pulp to produce a large number of tiny bubbles, and make the hydrophobic ore practicles attach to the bubbles surface. The agitation is to make the ore praticles evenly suspended on the pulp of the flotation tank and make sure the air spread to produce a large number of “active bubbles”.

It is helpful to improve the flotation index to conduct the inflation and agitation in a floation cell at the same time. However, overly strengthen the function will make the bubbles merger, concentrate quality decrease, power consumption increase and machinery wear. Therefore, it should control the inflation and agitation in a proper degree.

3. Flotaton Time

The flotaion time directly influences flotaion index. If the time is too long, the concentrate grade will decrease, and if the time is too short, the tailings grade will incerase. Therefore, it need test to make sure the flotation time.

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4. Water Quality and Pulp Temperature

Water used in [url=http://www.ore-processingplant.com/ore-processing-plant/flotation-separation-line.html]flotation plant[/url] should not have a lot of suspended particulates,the soluble matter influencing flotation reagents with each other, and various microorganism. Therefore, it should pay more attention when using back water, mine water and lake water.

Flotaion separation line general works in the normal temperature. Sometimes, it will heat pulp to get good separting result. The specific operation should rely on the actual situation. When heating pulp, it had better adjust measures to local conditions, as far as possible using the waste heat and exhaust gas.

If you have any doubt, you can consult Fote Machinery: info@sinoftm.com.

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