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Specific Purchasing Notes of Quartz Sand Dryer

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The sand dryer or rotary sand dryer is mainly used to dry the granular materials with a certain moisture content, such as the yellow sand in the dry mortar industry, foundry sand with all kinds of types in the casting industry, the blast furnace slag and granular clay in the cement industry and the granular materials which will cause no chemical reaction and resist to the high temperature, smoke and dust in the chemical industry. According to different materials to be dried, the sand dryer can be divided into river sand dryer, quartz [url=http://www.ftm-mac.com/pt26.html]sand drying machine[/url] or silica sand dryer, yellow sand dryer, sea sand dryer, etc.

How to purchase the quartz sand dryer when customers in purchasing the quartz sand dryer equipments? And here Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. will provide several tips for you:

1. Before the selection of drying equipments, the users should do the drying experiments so that to deeply know the dryers for the similar materials.

4. The equipments should conform to the requirements of environmental protection, have good working conditions and high security.

2. Give priority to the equipments with the features of simple structure, sufficient spare parts, high reliability and long service life.

5. Fully undertstand the applicability, drying rate, energy consumption of quartz sand dryer.

3. Choose the equipments with low running costs.

The users should know the water conten of quartz sand, and in general if the viscosity is less than 15%, the users can choose triple drum dryer or three-cylinder dryer. But if the yield requirements are not very large, the triple drum dryer is better, because this type of dryer equipment can fully use of heat energy. Meanwhile, triple drum dryers have advantages of small cover area, low enery-consumption. Therefore, when customers in purchasing quartz sand dryer, the triple drum dryer is better.

If you are interested in China [url=http://www.chinaftm.com/products/Sand-dryer.html]sand dryer price[/url], you can contact Fote Machinery: info@sinoftm.com.

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